You may have noticed a young entrepreneur setting up her pink and purple themed vendor’s table at the Uxbridge Farmers Market (UFM). You may have also spotted her with an ice-packed cooler in the heavy humidity of Elgin Park’s Canada Day celebrations. Regan Scott created The BakeRee out of a simple love of baking. This young lady is Durham Health certified and completed her Safe Food Handling certification all by age 12. Now, she’s in demand all over Durham Region and as far as downtown Toronto!

Regan, known to her baby sister (and staff taste tester) as “Ree”, tested out recipes for special diets for hours on end. Only the best gluten fr...

In the new millennium we have ushered in a few socially relevant and significant changes. In Canada, same sex couples have the right to legally marry; Sex, in general, can now be a legal choice; Women are speaking loudly and clearly once again about gender-wage discrepancies in the labour force; And dads are taking their daughters to dance class. With these social changes in what constitutes marriage and gender status it is natural to see a shift both in family dynamics and division of labour within the family. Not only are husbands showing up at dance competitions and learning to do hair for dance recitals but single dads are grabbing l...

S2SD attended a convention in January and a competition in March where the volume of the music at both events were causing a common disturbance: dancers covering their ears and dance siblings being removed by concerned parents. This prompted us to ask the question: when is loud music moving from pumping you up to increasing risk of hearing impairment due to damage? We asked our specialist this important question. Stephanie Loder isn't just an audiologist but is a former dancer and dance instructor from Nova Scotia, where she taught children’s classes for several years. She has since discovered her passion for health care and preserving q...

The creativity both resulting from and necessary for the art of dance extends far beyond the dance studio and stage. Paige Mackenzie-Meisner is one of those dancers for whom the creative aspect of dance is realized on and off the stage. Her Instagram [] showcases this creativity and it’s the reason I was compelled to contact her for this article. One quick browse at her Instagram catches the eye – elaborately themed and decorated with care, she turns old pointe shoes into works of art.

Dance Is For EveryBODY


Those who have not grown up in the dance world could be under the impressions that dance is an exclusive and elite physical art form reserved only for those of a certain [petite] stature. But those of us who are long time addicts and those of us that have had the magical experience of teaching dance, especially to children, understand that dance is for every body.


As a kinesiologist I would argue that dance is an accessible, feasible, and fun means of achieving a physically active lifestyle. As a fitness professional I would encourage people to seek a form of physical activity that elevates the heart rate and that...

It was this Global News video that got my attention:


Without directly supporting any one party’s agenda and without aligning with a Liberal agenda, I can get behind our Prime Minister’s statements in this video. What is most striking to me, a sociologist who studied labour for an honours degree, is that the issues PM Trudeau is discussing in this clip are exactly the same issues my generation (graduated from university in 2005 and 2009) and subsequent generations have faced for well over a decade: to gain employment using...

Dancers have always been portrayed as impossibly thin, bones protruding in the likeness of a swan that glides across the stage effortlessly. We are delicate, sensitive, impossibly strong (contrarily), and beautiful. I was aware of these expectations since I first began dancing at the age of 6 but at the time, I didn't give them much thought. I met these expectations when I was a child but, because all of my meals were monitored and controlled by my parents, I did not have the opportunity to binge or eat poorly. I didn’t think about “weight” because I never had the opportunity to abuse my metabolism.


I had parents who were very engaged in...

As a dancer I had witnessed it. There’s a point when the statement “you look fit” doesn’t apply any longer. At that point there’s a shift to “she is too skinny”. I had dealt with it in my close group of friends in dance and again in high school. When I created my own dance programme I coined the motto “creating positive dance experiences” and tried to integrate that into our programme. I understood that FUN had to be the driving force for kids wanting to dance and worked with all of our teaching staff to integrate that at every level from recreational to competitive.


I easily develop relationships with my students and their families beca...

Part of our great endeavours at Soul To Sole Dance is to provide opportunities for dancers to gain education and skills in taking care of their minds, bodies, and souls. We believe that the results are strength of character, strength of body, and subsequently strength of dancer. The S2SD Kit has a few essential tools to help dancers care for their physical selves, which in turn helps them keep their minds healthy by easing anxieties about potential for injury and by making it easy for some conditioning tools ready to use rather than making time outside of the studio. Our Mind, Body, Sole Workshops provide specialized focus on training of...

In celebration of World Ballet Day, I thought I’d share a more personal blog post. I was three years old when Lionel Richie’s Ballerina Girl video appeared on TV. My mom and Godmother watched me attempt grand jetés down the hall for hours. My mom then asked if I wanted to try dance lessons. I did not. I was very shy. She persuaded me to try dance at age 5, but I didn’t attend my first class because I was afraid of the unknown. My mom persisted and I only recall wanting to quit dance one time in my 28 year career. I had been very sick and had missed 2 classes and I was discouraged when I returned to class to realize I was far behind. Inst...

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