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Empowering Dancers In Achieving Balance Of Mind-Body-Soul

Part of our great endeavours at Soul To Sole Dance is to provide opportunities for dancers to gain education and skills in taking care of their minds, bodies, and souls. We believe that the results are strength of character, strength of body, and subsequently strength of dancer. The S2SD Kit has a few essential tools to help dancers care for their physical selves, which in turn helps them keep their minds healthy by easing anxieties about potential for injury and by making it easy for some conditioning tools ready to use rather than making time outside of the studio. Our Mind, Body, Sole Workshops provide specialized focus on training of all kinds to help empower dancers in using their S2SD Kits, in using internal resources to maintain a balanced life, and in using external resources to maintain that balance of mind-body-soul.

All too often we see anxiety manifest in destructive ways for dancers. The common misperception is that our field breeds anxieties that manifest in behaviours such as eating disorders. The truth is that dancers and high level athletes alike share in the same personality traits that make them achievers in general: we are determined, hard working, and physically adept for our sport/activity. When imbalance occurs, the mind-body-soul suffers. Imbalance only becomes problematic when it takes over; by that point, the issues are notable in and out of the studio. This is why the hard work of maintaining balance constantly and consistently is so important. The more one ignores imbalance, the greater the issue and the suffering associated with it becomes; also, the greater the work to re-achieve balance. So why not do a little every day to maintain balance of mind-body-soul in and out of the studio?

For all of us, the practice of achieving balance is unique. It is called ‘a practice’ because you must work at it every day and try different techniques until you find what works for you. We have discussed the benefits of different physical activities that support the dancer’s mind-body-soul to benefit their dancing. These physical activities are also techniques for achieving balance of mind-body-soul and include Barre Class, Pilates, Moving Meditation, and so on. But also consider non-physical practices to achieve calmness of mind and thusly balance: still meditation, drawing/colouring, reading, singing, cooking, and reading this blog! Whatever you choose remember to practice daily and be open to trying new practices. Also, don’t be afraid to take breaks from the studio as you need to. Reach out when you are feeling out of balance. Carry with you the knowledge that you need to practice achieving balance and put that knowledge into practice every day!

Brittany-Brie D'Amico

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