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Soul To Sole Kit

S2S Kit For General Health

This S2S Kit was designed for anyone with foot discomfort or pain due to injury. Use the exercises in the booklet to treat plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arthritis, etc. 

The S2S Kit for general health is a great tool to prevent injury for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and people to stand for long periods. 

Contact Us to learn about WHOLESALE so you can give the S2S Kit to your staff, clients, and friends. 

S2S Kit For Dance, Gym, Cheer, Skating, Fitness, Athletes

This S2S Kit was designed for intense level training: dancers, gymnasts, cheerleaders, figure skaters, and athletes benefit from the more specific exercises in this booklet to help prevent injuries while also treating any overuse or acute injuries to the lower extremities. 

The S2S Kit for Dance, Gym, Cheer, Skating is a great tool to incorporate into your technical training classes - teachers and coaches can use this tool in class with students to help them prevent injury while gaining and maintaining strength and flexibility. 

Contact Us to learn about WHOLESALE so you can outfit your team and staff with this S2S Kit. 

S2S Kit For Mobility & Injury

This S2S Kit was designed for low intensity activities: people with severe lower extremety injury, pregnant women, older adults, those with mobility issues. The exercises in this booklet help treat injuries, reduce pain, and maintain mobility. 

The S2S kit for Mobility & Pregnancy is a great tool for shower gifts, for anyone entering a rehab program, and for anyone with mobility issues to incorporate into their daily activities. 

Contact Us to place an order for a single S2S Kit.

S2S Kit For Fundraising

S2S Kit Helps Your Group Fundraise. With no initial investment, no product to store, the S2S Kits help your group earn high returns for their hard work! 

Choose from the various S2S Kits as part of your fundraising initiative! 


See our fundraising page for details.

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“I love this amazing kit. I keep it in my dance bag and take it to class with me all the time. The elastic stretching band is amazing for pushing not only myself, but my students, to practice flexibility with a tool that helps you work, and achieve flexibility goals. 

After a long night of teaching and dancing, the roller is my best friend, I LOVE it. It’s a great addition to complete the kit, it has everything we need before, during, and after class!” (Katelyn, Dance Teacher & Professional Choreographer).


"This kit included all the tools I use in my cardio conditioning practice. It was so nice to find a kit that had everything I needed, plus some really useful exercises that used the proper terminology! It was both a learning tool and the best conditioning kit I could find. So affordable, portable and useful! I recommend it to all my dancing friends and non dancing friends." (Sophia, Post-Secondary Dance Student).


“I recently purchased the S2SD Kit and it was very well packaged and I received it quickly. Very nice product and classy. Instruction manual was easy to read and informative. I have been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis and the foot roller helped a lot. I would recommend this kit to anyone with the same problem! Thanks!” (Carol, Office Manager, Fitness Enthusiast, Rehab Client).

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