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Soul To Sole Dance Inc specialises in education that nourishes the mind-body-soul/sole connection in the art of dance.
We offer in [your] studio and community workshops in all things mind, body, sole related in dance: technique in specific styles, strength & conditioning, injury prevention & rehab, and specialised classes including Pilates for Dance, Yoga for Dance, and Barre! Workshops led by our talented crew help you to develop your staff, students, and business. S2SD Inc created, distributes, and provides training to dancers, corporations, and individuals (athletes, fitness enthusiasts, rehab clients, and the like) with our one of a kind S2S Kits - 4 tools in a convenient kit to take with you on the go to help you gain and maintain strength, flexibility, and prevent injury. The results of our mind, body, sole focus are strong and creative dancers and teachers. Book a free consultation with our Education Coordinator and place your S2S Kit team order by email and save!

Soul To Sole Dance Inc

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Producer: Brian MacKay

Soul To Sole Dance Inc

Hip Hop Tops With Kids - CBC's Colleen Jones

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Reporter: Colleen Jones

Colleen Jones explores hip hop as a style of dance growing rapidly in popularity. Dance studio directors Alicia Orr MacDonald of Halifax Dance and Courta Smith of Acadia Dance Collective Community share their experiences.

Living Healthy - Rogers TV

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Courta Smith teaches host Dr Phil McAllister how to salsa dance and discusses the benefits of dance as part of a healthy, active lifestyle. 

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